The Truth Within

The Truth Within

The only place we can truly fit into is our own Being.

In life there really is only one way to attract exactly what is best for us. Everything from the right job, the right partner to the right friends all comes from within us. When we present ourselves to the Universe honestly and openly everything will begin to line up with our Being.

You see, we will attract into our lives exactly what we present ourselves as. Like people attract like people. This is why we see people we love constantly attracting people, situations and circumstances that do not compliment who they are. The person we know and love as they are, is constantly and continuously going out of their way to present themselves as the person they believe the prospective partner, boss or other acquaintance would prefer them to be.

This is a double edge sword. Not only will we be attracting the wrong people into our lives, but we will be repelling the one who truly compliments the essence of all we are from it. The façade we put forth will only serve to keep us from what is best for us.

Often we only believe we know what we want and spend much of our lives desperately trying to get what we only perceive will make us happy, successful and secure. We believe the smiling faces that have these things are signs that their people, places and things will make us happy too.

So, where do we go from here? How do we find what will give us what are soul wants and release ourselves from what the mind only thinks we want? A necessity of substantial gain is surmountable loss. We must lose these old thoughts from our minds and allow what is in our hearts to be released so that it can send out the signal that will bring to us the things that compliment and nourish the Truth within us.

As we face our desires we face ourselves and if we overcome these desires we conquer ourselves. Desire is a funny thing that means different things to different people. There is sexual desire which is associated with physical pleasure; the desire to be accepted by our peers is another and the ever popular desire to be envied is a sociological favorite too. These desires have little to do with the Truth of our Being. In fact they are largely based in our illusions. They are only what we believe others require of us, but in Truth they are only what we perceive as prerequisites for a euphoric state of Being. When I talk about “our selves” I am speaking of Ego. Ego causes us to make decisions that nourish Ego and Ego gains this nourishment through the torment of our soul. That’s right, by not allowing our souls to reach out and blossom the Ego grows stronger and our ascension takes longer.

We are on a journey. It is an infinite ascension on many levels of existence. There is no end! However, there are a series of levels, stages in our development that will enable us to continually be all that we are created to be. A necessity of travel is change and allowing change to take place. Ego relishes for sameness. It succeeds in its quest to remain strong through lies and illusions that make the Journey long. As we follow, seek and desire what is unreal we forfeit those things that are real.

This Truth is within us. In our hearts and souls is the Spirit of all that we are and all that we are created to be. As we let go of the desires that bind us we become free and release ourselves into exactly where we belong. Here is the most fertile soil. Now is where we plant the seed of our Being. What do we get when we plant the right seed? Well of course; we get the fruit of exactly what we planted. Just think, all this time we have been planting onions and expecting tomatoes. How silly is that?

Why weren’t we fitting? It was because the only place we can truly fit into is our own Being. The only way to get a square peg into a round whole is by destroying the square peg. That square peg is all that you are created to be. In Truth we are so much more that. We are beautiful, wonderful and unique shapes of our own; ever changing and everlasting souls and spirits created in the image of God.

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