An Approach to Sin

An Approach to Sin

Whenever we approach sin we must always acknowledge what sin really is. Sin is a mistake that causes damage to ourselves, our inner Being, spirit or soul. In this we must consider the same effect as to the physical state or consciousness of another.

Calculating sin on a broader base; through the values and moral beliefs of religious groups or cults is a battle that cannot be won. What is a mistake to one group could very well be the right of passage to another. Furthermore, the things that hurt individuals internally vary from case to case.

Is the purpose positive or negative?  Masturbation can be either perversion or diversion.  A married man could masturbate while thinking of his wife or he could masturbate while thinking of another woman.  Which is wrong?  According to Jesus if a man thinks of fornicating with another woman he has committed adultery in his heart.  In the first case masturbating cold be preventing adultery and in the second case encouraging adultery.

Now what of two women bonding together in a loving relationship for the purpose of raising their children? In this the sexual relationship is not the concentration. It is only an element that creates an intimacy that holds the couple together for this common purpose. On the other hand, suppose there are same sex partners who put their entire emphasis on the physical element of their relationship. There concentration is not on love. They are seeking immediate gratification for the physical body. This will only serve to hurt them physically and spiritually. This holds true for any relationship; same sex or not.

By looking to physical only for fulfillment we will lose the spiritual element of who we are. In the same way when we concentrate on spiritual aspects we become inundated and lose our physical being and the opportunity to experience this world.

We are our souls and our spirits created in the image of God. Our spirit suffers when we perceive we have affected that relationship negatively or when we get so lost in the physical element that we become alienated from Spirit.

In order to reconcile this we must look into our selves, identify the issue that is plaguing us internally and resolve this by confessing it and correcting it.  If it continues for too long the repercussions will be a physical manifestation of the imbalance.

Our spirit can suffer defects and salvation is an eternal process.

This is one of the greatest reasons for our spirits to return to earth. We reincarnate to resolve these defects.

There are several states for our spirit.  The internal state; as it resides in our body; incarnate.  Also, the ascended state; where it has entered the spiritual realm and the reincarnated state; in which our spirit enters the body and attempts to resolve the defects left unresolved in past lives.

This is part of a cycle that repeats itself infinitely.  Energy exists eternally and can only change forms.  It is never destroyed.  We live in a vast matrix of energy and exist on many levels simultaneously.  Spending time in our Being will enable us to make the most of the time we spend in the physical.  By seeking Truth within and exploring the Now, we move forward on course to achieve our ultimate Being.

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