Infinite Eternal Reach

Infinite Eternal Reach

Our reach is infinite and eternal. We will never truly know how many we have touched.

Often I find that those who explore their need to move forward in their plan for being a positive influence on the world around them become discouraged rather quickly.  They go into what they perceive as their calling whole heartedly, but when the affects they have are not readily apparent they begin to get discouraged.  Their discouragement shortly turns to disillusion and they begin the process of moving away from following their dream.


I had a dear friend of mine who had gone through the same thing years ago.  The incredible dream of my friend was quickly brought to life.  People were coming into our lives that needed the help we both could passionately offer.  Major changes were being made in both our lives.  In fact I can honestly say that much of who I am today is directly related to what my friend had given me so long ago.  You see, it was here that I realized my potential for Being.  From this experience I was able to recognize my Gift and move forward confidently towards Promise.


It’s funny how the things we learn in life accumulate in our tool chest waiting for the day when we will need them for that special project.  I looked back at my college career wondering, “Why did I major in communications and how was I going to use these skills in my career?”  Looking back at all the speeches I had to make in school, the productions I had to create and the writing too; I had no idea where these things would come into play to help propel me towards my destiny.  The interesting thing is that all these things play a major role in what I am doing today.  How did the Universe know?


Well, when we let go of the reigns and accept that all things happen for a reason and work together for the greater good; we expect the best of creation.  The right opportunities will materialize and awesome people will appear on our lives.  This I say with the utmost certainty; my friend played a crucial part in the creation of all that I am and all that I am created to be.


When we began the Creative Cultural Center I had no idea what it would be, how it would run or how exactly I would factor into it all.  All I know is that in a vision I saw classrooms and teachers giving classes, workshops and seminars.  I put an advertisement on Craig’s List and began to get emails from people familiar with this type of collaborative.  The only thing I knew is that I wanted the members to own CCC.


Soon after, I met my friend do to a series of events, contrived by the Creator, to bring us together for more reasons that we could ever be aware of.  The Angels played an integral part in guiding us to create exactly what would be.  We started what would be the seed of change for so many who participated.  It was an amazing ride!  Guests, teachers and facilitators were all learning from each other and growing.  Here I found my Gift in my passion for helping others grow.


Those little MeetUps of twelve to twenty people enabled me to “step into myself” and to be all that I am created to be.  I was excited by teaching the Universal Laws that I had been using unintentionally for years and now was passionate about teaching others how to get intentional about creating the life they would love.  All limiting thoughts removed would create a life full of infinite possibilities.  This was true for them and me.


The books that I have written have helped so many.  Now the daily radio show moves this information forward at an ever increasing rate.  From twelve to twenty to over one million souls touched, minds informed and spirits risen to realize a future we can co-create.


We really can never calculate what kind of effect we have had on the lives of others or how far reaching that impression can be.  The truth is that there have been people who have touched my heart with a single word and others that have moved me with an amazing speech.  All who have connected with us in positive or negative ways have moved us forward in our Being.  My friend is still influencing others through me.  The energy had been set towards a destination for change.  Just think, “Being with Ron Ash” really started from my friend’s willingness to take what was learned and share that with others.  In this the Universe gave Purpose and moved us intentionally into each other’s lives.  Momentum is the power to increase or develop at an ever-growing pace.  My friend set the momentum of my life and drastically increased our reach infinitely.


Funny, I often receive messages of encouragement from new friends who are without knowing it sending back to me the words I had sent out so long ago.  People who I never met have adopted the knowledge I had passed on in my books, essays and shows and return that information back to me without even knowing they had.  This is a wonderful gift that still is only a hint of how far reaching the things we say, teach and share can be.

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