It is my experience that truth can be easily found hiding behind one’s fears.  When we look past our fears we find Truth.  Many reference fear as false evidence appearing real and in most cases this is a valid explanation.  We are very good at perceiving what is seen as so much more than it is.  Our perceptions are found in our hearts and echoes throughout our Being.  In feeling the emotions associated with these fears and seeing them in our minds we set the stage for a series of events to follow that we are obliged to live through.  However, we will get through; we always do.

Don’t become a victim of a “Lack Attack!” Everything is provided to us in abundance unless we concentrate on not enough.  Lack attracts lack as abundance attracts abundance. This is true in all ways. When we are passionate about holding on to a little we will efficiently repel a lot.  What we think, feel and see will become our experience.

Experience releases us from the things that we didn’t know we were bound to.  Through the situations and circumstances in our lives we are able to grow.  Someone once told me that even a bad choice is better than no choice at all.  In choosing we are able to experience.  Life without experience is a travesty in itself.  It is in fact taking an incredible gift and saving it for another day, yet that day never comes.  Our gift remains unused and our potential for Being is never realized.

We must be willing to walk through the fears and into Promise.  It is impossible to travel to where we need to be and remain where we are.  Forward movement is a requirement of our journey and the only way to advance is to begin in the Now.  Some call it the gap, a place between thoughts, but to me it is simply stated as the moment before thought.  The moment before thought is all that is real.  Once we think we are no longer in the Now.  In fact, it is here in the Now where creation takes place.

Life is blunt force trauma. -Steven Hairfield

In order to truly see others we must know ourselves.  Most often how we see others is directly related to something that is in ourselves.  In other words, while we look at others as being scared, selfish or even immoral there may in fact be and in most cases is a shared characteristic in us.  The person who disgusts us mirrors the disgust in us.  Those who we put down, judge and degrade are reflections of our own souls and spirits.  Again, the things we see in others are in us too. In judging them we judge ourselves.


Judge not lest you be judged by the same measure.

When we butt heads with opposition we are in fact being shown our own weakness.  As we sail down our flowing river and are suddenly smashed into some hidden stones just beneath the surface we are forced to come to grips with and examine ourselves and our situation.  This is the blunt force trauma that enables us to grow.  It can knock the wind out of our sails, but with the shift of the winds we are set back on course.

Reality is un-real and an individual illusion. The subjectivity of truth is a highly destruction force. If we don’t seek Truth we will never find It and if we do not find It we will never experience peace.

Know thy self and conquer the world.

When we arrive at who we are and see the truth in the things we do we become powerful beings capable of accomplishing incredible things.  The only thing holding us back are the lies we have told ourselves and the false justifications we put forth in order to get what we think we need and feel we deserve.  In this we are blinded by our own deceit and allow our emotions to carry us away from God.  We are engaged in a fight that cannot be won.  It’s best to opt out of the game. Justification without justice is a bad bet. Even when we win we lose.

Many understand that all has purpose until the day they get what they do not want. Those who accept the string of the way will find their way Home.

God is so much bigger than our perceptions.

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