At times we will find ourselves in a place not knowing where or when the next leg of our journey will begin.  We are unsure and not certain of which way we should turn and begin to feel a little overwhelmed by the idleness that surrounds us.  Things are just not happening as fast as we want them to.  Although we continually evaluate our circumstances the answers don’t seem to be coming in.   Our heart is aware of something and we anticipate the coming of a new age, but we are still not sure of what we should be doing in the mean time.


Well, the Universe communicates with us from the inside.  All answers will come from our heart and soul; where our spirit resides.  As we focus on the external we lose track of all that is internal.  What Is becomes a blur and the illusions of life become more prevalent in our Being.  We need to see ourselves; our souls and our spirits which are created in the image of God.


Meditation is one of the best ways to center ourselves.  As we find this quiet time and connect with the peace within we become better able to discover all that we are.  In this we open the channels of communications and are able to receive the messages which are implanted inside.


We are idling because we have not yet found our direction.  Without direction it makes no sense for us to move into gear.  That would only serve to waste energy and send us dotting about without Purpose.  Motion for the sake of itself will only create commotion.


In order to get to where we are going we must know where we are.  As we venture inside our heart we will find Truth.  Truth is the only valid starting point.  Being honest with ourselves will enable us to launch forward powerfully and freely.


Owning our mistakes is the only way we will learn from them.  They all had a purpose, but if we don’t acknowledge them their purpose will remain hidden from us.  In these errors are valuable lessons.  They help us to recognize what we truly want as we have experienced through them what we do not want.  These choices of the past cannot hurt us unless we allow them to.  We must forgive ourselves and move forward confidently with the new wisdom gained.


It is time to set our course for our ultimate Being.

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