Sacrafice without Necessity

Sacrifice without Necessity


It is what is was in all things is peace and heart and sacrifice without necessity for all.  There is no right there is no wrong for all is perception which is perceived.  Illusion follows a course and proceeds to convince all that is real that there exists all that is real and only which is perceived as real is in fact real.  The lost of heart and soul and spirit are not looking for a savior on the inside, in Truth of heart, but instead continually search the highs and lows for a definition of what truly is, but in reality there is no illusion because all that is real stand alone and in One.  It is by the power of Now that all things are created.


So such a slippery slope it is as we chase illusion.  Ego is here we are here the I Am That I Am is ever present.  As we cater too and become overwhelmed by the things of the mind that bring forth and set us forth we continually move further from the source of all things.  It has purpose it has place, but the purpose and its place is not directly related to the source of all things.  It, meaning Ego is a protective device meant to hinder fault an protect us from eminent danger as we travel the physical as spiritual for it continues to find itself and move forward with the body along this continuum this matrix this energy which exists in all and one.


There is no time there exists no distance other that the reference points which exists for all to experience the experience which is life for all meaning is derived from the experiences which are shared within and without body soul and spirit is all that is here and all that relinquishes the power the energy which moves into and out of form.  It is the same time continually or it is the absence of time continually.  There is neither here nor there or far or close only here and now is here and now.


Be slow to judge and allow all things to take place as they should.  All is finished as it is finished yet we are never finished and continually learn and develop the consciousness which is forever expanding it all from love.  It is the core of humanity The It and the I Am is all that there is in all that we are is solace, joy love and an infinite ascension consisting of continually restructuring the energy of One.  We are All and One .  You are All and One .  We are that We Are and All whom come to Truth are All that they are created to be.  For it is said and Is saying to all in peace is God and in God is Man and in God and Man together be Being.


Ash salam, salam alei

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  1. A man, created in the image and likeness of his Creator is a 3-in-1 being. He is a soul that has a spirit, living in a body; just as his Creator is also a Trinity. the fi rst man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. For a man to come into the full awareness of his purpose, he needs to understand that these three individual beings of which he is composed, are supposed to function at the same rate, in full capacity, with intimate dependency, and perfect sync with one-another, as expected by his Creator. And Jesus increased in wisdom (intelligence of the Soul) and stature (Body physique), and in favor (advancement in the Spirit) with God
    and men…

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