Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs


What do we believe?  Why is what we believe such an important part of who we are?  Are we truly restricted by the extent of our physical reach?


As we look at ourselves and all that we are created to be it is easy to see; how we answer these questions is critical to the extent of out Being.  If we submit ourselves to the limits that we have put on ourselves we will become nothing more than what we believe we are.  In fact it is possible to be so much more than what we have previously been.  In Truth we are only limited by what we think is impossible.


When we have come to a point in our ascension and come to adamantly believe that this is all that we are we submit to the master of deceit and fall short our our ultimate potential for being.  The illusions of this physical world overwhelm us through the incredible power of our perceptions and we fall back and retreat.  We think, “Who am I to be this?”  While we should be saying, “I Am that, I Am!”


You see, as we limit ourselves by our perception of who we are we become self imprisoned by our very own perceptions.  We give the power to the lie and cast out the Truth that exists within us.  In favor of perceived safety and catering to fear we hold ourselves back from Promise and choose to lose.  Opting for controlled failure over a victory whose prerequisite is faith is always loss by default.


When we were children we believed in all things.  We could see ourselves as time travelers, astronauts, great leaders and superheroes of all kinds.  This was our reality!  It was a place without limits.  Failure was not an option.  We believed we could become whatever we could see in our minds and feel in our hearts.  In the Truth of truths we knew we would find a way.


Imagine if we were told we could not talk, walk or run as a toddler.  Would we believe?  What would we achieve?  Instead we were encouraged to do these things.  We saw others doing them and we believed with our heart of hearts that we could and would do these things too.  Failure was only an element of success.  It was part of the learning process and it led to achievement, accomplishment and advancement of our souls, spirits and bodies.


Then we began to reason.  Ironic isn’t it?  We began to hear and understand and adopt the beliefs of those around us.  Well intentioned and protective perhaps, but these are those who caused us to put limits on our Being.  What we knew we could be became only what we thought we should be.  Our dreams became fantasies and if pursued we would be looked at as fools.  Our mentors said, “You are so talented, but you really should have a backup plan.”  Instead of failing to plan we began to plan for failure.


What do we believe?  Do we see ourselves as the ever ascending beings that we are?  We are Hu-man-beings!  We are Spirit in physical form living in the Now and the power of creation exists in our Being.  As we step into ourselves we become who we are and continue to be all that we are continuously created to be.  This is our infinite ascension!  It only ends when we decide, via our beliefs, that this is all that we are and all that we are capable of Being.  We are an incredible force in the Universe!  It is our thoughts that create things.  In this Now moment which exists before thought we have to power to Be.


Come as a child with an open mind and a trusting heart.  Understand by listening with your heart and feeling, seeing and being all that you are right Now.  Boundless believing manifesting beings created in the image of I Am that, I Am.  Without definition, absent of limits we are all things, existing in all things in Oneness with All and One.


Ash salam, salam alei.


Be peace,

Ron Ash

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