Time to Go

Sometimes we find ourselves, wherever we are, feeling it’s time to go.  We can’t sit still yet we want to sleep and there are even times when we begin to weep.  Yet, all is well as we should know and often it’s just time to let go.  We are just hanging on to the thoughts of past and the more closely we hold them the longer these bad feelings will last.  So the best course of action would seem to be to just take some time alone with Me.  Finding the root of the issues at hand is the one sure way to ensure We will stand.


Lots of times we get a little lost as we move forward in our journey of discovery and development moving into our destinies.  It all has much to do with what is already in us.  Sometimes this is a good thing and other times it is not.  We are continually being programmed with safety code through every experience we have in life.  Some programming meant to protect us can cause us to run from the good experiences as well or at the very least slow us down and extend the time necessary to complete the task.


The ego is a very important thing.  It is here to learn through our experiences and protect us from harm.  However, it can in fact hold us back and cause us to retreat back to who we only believe we are.  It can keep us running in safe mode without the necessity to do so.  On today’s show Beth E. Baker referred to this delema as riding the brakes.  The brakes are meant to protect us from harm, but if we keep our foot continually on the brake we in turn neglect the accelerator.  If we don’t accelerate we will soon begin to lose momentum.  Without momentum we will eventually stop and remain idle.  When we are idle we waste energy.

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