A New Year A New Mind

A New Year A New Mind


Today feels kind of special to me.  It’s not just because of the New Year.  It’s really because of how many of the pivotal moments in my life are linked to it.


It was on 1.01.04 that my mom ascended and opened a gateway to another world for my sister Kerry and me.  It was then that we knew without a doubt that there was so much more to life than we could experience with our five senses.  On this day our sixth sense began to develop at an accelerated pace.  The Truth within came out!


This day was also a day that would exhibit the ultimate love, power and sacrifice that a mother would relinquish to her children.  I look back to the Christmas Eve of 2003 and reflect on the conversation of thought that my mother and I shared in the hospital preceding her ascension.  I spoke to comfort her and to instill in her that all would be well in the here and now as would it be when she crossed over to join her loved ones who had ascended before her.  The only thing I asked for myself was for her to stay with us until after the holidays.  I simply did not want my children to associate losing their Nonna with this wonderful season of light.  In this wish fulfilled was a wonderful gift.  It was her last “I love you Ronnie” that I would receive in this physical realm from my mother.


Although she ascended on 1.01.04 she is with me always as the Kingdom is within our hearts and in us is all things Divine.  All I need to do is to think of her and the special times we shared and she comes to me in a loving vibration.  As a hug throughout my soul, spirit and body I know she is here.  On this seventh anniversary of the day she expanded her consciousness into the realm of infinite possibilities Kerry and I look back and reflect on the many blessing associated with her continued presence in our lives and are filled with insurmountable joy in our Being.


Love is the most powerful of all human emotions.  It makes so much sense that as we make our decisions in love we will always make the best decisions.  With love all things are possible.


On 1.01.04 our lives were changed forever.  The ends were now perceived as the beginnings and love was shown to us as being eternal.  Our hearts were opened and a vast matrix of energy was now available to us both.  Through this connection we were able to receive from within the messages without.


Today is 1.01.11; seven New Years days from the gateway being opened by the infinite, eternal and ever expanding love of our mother.  It has been seven New Years days since we were shown the power of life here and here after by a mother who conquered death in favor of light!  Love is the most powerful emotion.

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