Until death do us part?

Until death do us part?


So what is death?  If we are truly on an infinite journey of enlightenment and what we refer to as death is actually just another transformation to everlasting life; what is death referring to?  In this I have to believe that in the promise “Until death do us part” there lies much more than what is obviously heard, seen and felt.


Could it be that the word death in this context is not a physical characteristic of life at all?  Could it be that it has a much higher meaning and encompasses so much more that what we have come to know it to mean?  A meaning revolving around, heart, soul and spirit seems to be the more logical explanation.  In reality we are only body temporally and are soul and spirit infinitely.  Death does exist, but it exists on a multitude of levels and on multiple dimensions.  The death is in the heart of hearts.  It is a consuming coldness or a feeling of being disconnected or a mismatched vibration that exhibits the severance of a connection between souls.  This is much more real than the physical death.


It really signifies the end of a chapter in the book of life.  A new beginning is at hand.


Recently I interpreted this dream that touched on this very reality.


DREAMER: I had a dream that I had a baby which I loved but I hated breast feeding to the point where I kept having angry outbursts.


INTERPRETOR: You are starting something new. Entering into this newness will take a lot from you at first. In fact it will be much more than you are prepared to give. It will be frustrating for a time, but you will move through this and shortly realize the joy and abundance that comes from this next life chapter.


DREAMER: That was so accurate! My roommate is moving away in two weeks and just told me last night which means I’m moving to! But, I just don’t know where yet.


I believe in this interpretation was a message intended for me too.  Often that is how Spirit works to guide us and teach us.  We are reflections of each other.  This dream reflected back to me in a different area of my life, but the message was still the same.


In regards to the experience, perhaps we are feeling the emotions associated with what we have come to associate with death or loss.  Then again maybe we’re not.  It could be that we are in the midst of death and poised for expansion.  It is as if we refuse to end the grieving by ignoring the loss and pretending it has not happened, yet it has.  Thus we forfeit what is next and put off what should be.  What is next?  It is the turning of the last blank page in a chapter that is complete.  There is no more to be read than what has been written.  In stalling we reject any thoughts of moving forward in the direction of our goals and dreams.


It’s a little sad and can be somewhat complicated, frightening and unsettling; the turmoil, the stories, but they all will eventually vanish like flatulence in the wind.  Soon it is all just a brief memory in our timeless never-ending journey.


Whether it be a romance, career or friendship; there was a purpose in all.  Perhaps a purpose past, but still a purpose just the same.  After all, we are a purposeful life.  Unless we choose to remain in death we will surely realize our potential for Being.

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  1. i like where you are going with this article . you talked about having purpose in this life.. everything that has purpose has its matter and energy , thats how it all seem like everything need to matter and realizing your potential being is letting go all those questions and emotions that you seem to portray . because the true being of you is not tied by any emotions . it is only your conscious mind that puts you these experiences for you to be aware where you are now.

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