Repeat or Defeat

Once we master each level we can move on to the next or else we must repeat it until we defeat it.  The greatest adversary is often our own ego.  It makes us believe we have won.  Many times it causes us to run away from the Truth in favor of the lie.  In a fleeting attempt to redeem itself it misses true redemption.  By convincing ourselves we have won we lose by default.

Sometimes we can be willing participants in the lessons of others.  How many times have we witnessed the repetitive lessons of others?  How often do we continue to support them in an attempt to bring them along only the bear witness to their unwillingness to move forward?  I’m sure many of us have experienced the pains and agitation associated with continually seeing a loved one repeat the same level over and again.  Many of us were terribly hurt as our intentions have been turned against us repeatedly.

Now we must ask ourselves, “What was our lesson in this?”  Perhaps we were interfering in the experience of others?  maybe we were causing their retreat from Promise?  Could we have been playing the part of God?  The more I reflect back on the things I did to help others move forward the more I must consider the fact that I may have been the one hindering their advancement.  Maybe they were just not ready to be where I wanted to bring them?  Every one is here for their own experience and our only job is to let them have it.

It is great to help others, but it is not if we are pushing into a place that they are not ready to be.  Give love, be supportive and understand that we are all at a different place in our journey in life.  We are where we are being all that we are created to be and learning what we need to learn.  Remember, the things they experience today will lead them to where they need to be tomorrow.

Ashsalam, salam alei

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