Ron’s “Seeds of Turmoil” Review

I was pleasantly surprised by this masterful work of Bryant Wright.  “Seeds of Turmoil” The Biblical Roots of Crisis in the Middle East is a book that fosters understanding in one of the most commonly misinterpreted story behind the constant and continuous unrest in the Middle East.  I was amazed to discover the multi generational effects of this never ending conflict that through “Seeds of Turmoil” I was made to understand.

The author clearly and concisely exhibits how thousands of years ago a single decision by the man most often credited to be the father of humanity began a conflict that affects our entire world today.  Who has not been affected by the conflict in the Middle East?  Everyone in modern day society has contemplated at one time or another, “What is the deal with these people?  Why are they so poised to destroy our way of life?”  The answer is in the pages of a book that combines academic research with common sense while enabling the reader to understand where the “Seeds of Turmoil” were first planted and why the foul fruit of a decision made thousands of years ago is still leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of those who dwell in this world today.

It is a pleasure to read a book that has the objective of fostering understanding between people of varying beliefs.  This book has the potential to reverse the perception and judgments that have existed between the prominent adversaries within the Middle East conflict.  It is my sincere hope that this book is read by all who will benefit from an end to this unproductive and daunting conflict.

The author writes for a wide audience and manages to stay neutral throughout the book regardless of his own personal religious beliefs.  I found his writing style to be refreshing and enjoyed reading “Seeds of Turmoil; The Biblical Roots of the Inevitable Crisis in the middle East”.  This book is an incredibly entertaining and educating read; a rare combination.

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