10am Ron and Debra 11am Arthur Whyte and Heather Joyce Wolfe 424-757-1425

10am Ron Ash and Debra Robinson discuss the various modalities associated with holistic health, wellness and spirituality.

11am Arthur Whyte and Heather Joyce Wolfe discuss the various types of energy healing techniques and how they can be used to help mend mind, body and spirit.

Arthur Whyte a recognised healer and member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) uses a variety of holistic healing techniques including Spiritual Healing, Mayan Healing and Hypnotherapy to promote love and acceptance of self and to help mend mind, body and spirit. http://arthurwhyte.com

Heather Joyce Wolfe My wish is to support you on your journey – helping to relieve pain and stress, and to keep in balance, as you open and heal to reach the joy of who you are, and your purpose here at this time. I embrace many Spiritual Paths, and support your heart’s desire and exploration, as well as changes you may want to make on your path.http://backtosource.com


Today’s Guest Live Callers for Energy Healing, Dream Interpretation and Life Counseling https://beingwithronash.wordpress.com

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