Pay Attention!

So, we send out the invitations, make the preparations and set out the welcome mat, but when opportunity comes a knocking; we slam the door in its face. Pay attention! Our prayers are being answered everyday, but if we don’t recognize opportunity it just may end up passing us by.

Look back over your lifetime and consider the what ifs just for a moment.  Don’t marry them, but still take a serious look at all the things we could have done.  Many opportunities have passed us by simply because we were not paying attention.  We became the victims of our own tunnel vision by being so caught up in our dreams and ambitions that we missed the opportunities presented by the Universe that were intended to facilitate our journey.

Sometimes it was fear that crept in like a serpent in the night and high jacked our means to ends.  Other times it was us believing that the incredible opportunities for success which we drew into our lives were just to big, grand and fantastical for us to be a part of.  The Truth being that we were just deceived by the perceptions, projections and protections of our own egos.

We learn many things down the long and winding roads of our lifetime.  Some things learned hold us back and leave us in a state of wanting, needing and searching for the things that exist in the depths of our hearts.  It is here where our eternal internal Being resides and where our special Gifts wait patiently for the day of discovery.  When we feel the passions of our souls and live them in every Now moment of our lives we become all that we are created to be.  What is in us becomes us and we find Truth and free our souls from the prison of our own minds.

There is much work to do to undue all that has been done.  Unlearning of the false perceptions which the exterior world of endless illusion has convinced us to be real takes effort.  Yet, it is not impossible to reprogram our minds and remove all this false data and misinformation.  In fact it is possible to begin right Now.  In this very moment that exists before thought we have the powerful potential of Being.  In the moment before thought is the ability to create the world we are meant to experience.

It is time to awaken our spirits and to discover our eternal souls.  We must live as we were created, without fear, in trust and believing without a doubt that we are infinite limitless Hu-Man-Beings.  We are the vibration of the Creative Source within Mankind with the power to create in every Now moment Being all that we are created to Be.

We must make our requests and listen for our answers and act on the opportunities that cross our paths.  Our requests are filled in many ways and most often by means we would never expect.  Pay attention!  By opening our ears, eyes, mind and heart we will receive the answers we seek.

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  1. Hi Ron,you are so right! Thank you.
    Thank you also for your radio shows who are getting more and more captivating! I now spend almost all my free time listening to them! Sahvanna Arienta was another very enlightening guest,because like Darshini,she helps us empower ourselves.I had a much appreciated private reading with Darshini,and her candle technique to contact spirits works so well.
    I am looking forward to Friday’s show,which I might not be able to listen live.By any chance,if Dorene Brown has some spare time,my DOB is July 6,1966.
    Kind regards,Marie

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