Small Miracles

Are there really any small miracles?

Miracles happen every day in every way.  In fact it takes just as much spiritual alignment and energy to manifest a small occurrence as it does a large one.  Our mood, disposition and emotions all contribute to the fulfillment of our need.

There are no small miracles.  A miracle by definition is a supernatural event that is amazing, extraordinary, or unexpected.  My favorite definition comes from the Encarta Dictionary and is described as an event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature and is regarded as an act of God.

When we become totally aligned with goodness and adhere to the laws of karma, adopt a constant state of purity and give freely and joyfully of our selves without thoughts of restitution; miracle will be abundant in our lives.  God’s energy will flow through us and to us and His angels will ensure that our needs are met as we journey along the path we are meant to follow.

One morning on the way to the office I thought that it might be nice to pick up a dozen roses to cheer up my wife. She had seemed to be feeling a little low over the past week or so.

Later that day, as I was considering where I could stop to pick them up I was approached by a colleague who asked, “Would you like to buy a dozen roses for ten dollars?”  I did not understand even how he would happen to have flowers.  You see, Ray is retired and runs various errands on a part time basis.  I answered, “Believe it or not I was just thinking about buying some roses for my wife this morning.  This is too much to be a coincidence.”

He then went outside and returned with several dozen roses and a number of carnations.  As he sat down and began to sort out my dozen roses, a page for me came over the intercom so I had to leave him.  I said, “Here is the ten dollars.  I have to run off.  You can just leave them in my office after you sort them out.

As I returned to my office I found a dozen beautiful roses on my desk.  In addition to the violet flowers I purchased there were a dozen red carnations wrapped up along with them as an unexpected added bonus.  Not only did I receive the miracle of a dozen roses at an incredible price delivered to me without ever having to shop for them, but by trusting in karmic law a dozen carnations which I would give to my daughter manifested too.

Are there really coincidences?  Are there really any small miracles?  The answer is absolutely no!  It all comes down to the choices we constantly and continuously make.  We attract what we are.  It is through the strength of our connection and intensity of our vibration that we will experience the correlating manifestations.  It takes just as much Energy to manifest a single flower as it does to generate an entire garden.

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