Nancy du Tertre Author of “Psychic Intuition” October 25th 10am EST

Nancy is a trained psychic and spiritual medium – she wasn’t born that way (and if she was, she doesn’t remember)!  She believes we all have the capability of tuning in to the supernatural once we “unlearn” our logical processes and learn to trust the profoundly irrational processes of our mind.  She loves “evidence” of the supernatural or paranormal, but doesn’t get stuck on the concept.  Learning how to trust the information that comes in a non-verbal, disorganized, fragmented fashion is not easy.  You have to trust your insight, otherwise this kind of data is quickly dismissed by the brain.  But you must then try to verify your information.  This means you must exist in the very uncomfortable mental place of being both a believer and a skeptic at the same time!  This process will lead you to the Truth. Nancy spent a lifetime attempting to master this strange balancing act.

      SPIRIT: Her training as a psychic and medium have helped her explore the invisible world of Spirit.
      EMOTION: Her training in Gestalt psychology has helped her understand the irrational world of   human emotions.
     INTELLECT:  Her training as an attorney has made her appreciate the value of logic, reason and evidence.

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