Happy Birthday to My Amazing Mom

You taught us how to love our children, how to appreciate nature and how to empathize with others. We all miss you here but we know you are always watching over us from over there. Thanks for your love, encouragement and support in all ways.

Over the last few years few years I’ve received an on air mediumistic reading on Being with Ron Ash before our annual family picnic. I never ask for anyone in particular to come through, This year my mom came in with a much needed message, “Stop suffering!” She mentioned that she loved a car with a light colored interior, She said, “when you are driving that car I’m with you.” Her hair would be blowing out the window of that 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, a car I had purchased as a tribute to her after she passed. She always wanted one. I could feel an overwhelming sense of her energy as West Coast Medium Vicki Murphy channeled my message on that July 17th.

Fast forward to August 5th following a tour of Marble House and Breakers in Newport RI. My cousin Jay and his girlfriend Cynthy were visiting from California. After our tour he suggested we stop for an Ale. They followed me to a restaurant which happened to be closed down. I went up the street further and pulled into another. We went in and in a short time the mediumistic reading came up in conversation. As I talked about it, I got a powerful sense of her energy. I shared what I was feeling. Shortly after we paid the check and walked outside to say our final goodbyes before their trip back. To our surprise, parked next to my Jeep was a 1979 Trans Am. It was mom just letting us know she’s always with us.

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