Space and Grace

Space and Grace


Choosing our space has much to do with experiencing grace.  Where are we right now?  Are we living subject to the external influences of our daily lives?  Do the actions and reactions of those around us cause the turmoil which exists in us?  If so we must carefully consider our existence on a multitude of levels.


The past is gone and the future is not here, so the only real thing is right now.  In that brief moment before time is the power of creation.  Are we using this moment to create what we want or are we using it to create what we don’t?


We exist simultaneously on many levels.  I’m afraid that these are infinite, but to simplify things let’s say there is the internal world, external environment and the spiritual realm of existence.  What we feel internally has much to do with what we experience externally.  However, the truth of our existence is in the spiritual.  We are our souls and our spirits created in the image of the Creator.  Spiritual beings having a human experience seems to be the popular way of stating this fact.


We are Hu-Man-Beings.  The energy or vibration of the Creator in Mankind with the power to co-create our experience exists within us.  In every now moment we co-create with I Am that, I Am.  This is our essential nature!  Here is Truth and Being.


The core of humanity is love.  We must emanate love to receive love.  Love is in us all.  Many search externally for what exists internally.  The truth is that love resides in our heart and soul.  It’s not missing or misplaced, but we have stored it away with the intention of keeping it safe.  The good news is it’s easy to find what has never been lost.


In protecting ourselves from hurt we shield our Being from love.   Unintentionally many have blocked the most incredible blessing and essence of our Being.  Fear of hurt has caused us to forfeit the joy of love.  Ironic isn’t it?  The thing we so urgently search for we already have.  We search desperately for our car keys only to find that they are concealed in the palm of our hand.


The word grace has so many meanings, but to me its meaning is a combination of them all.  It really is a huge contributor to the pleasantness of our experience.   Through forgiveness, tolerance and compassion it moves us through what we interpret as time.


It’s funny how often people say, “I need space” when in fact they are asking for freedom.  Oddly enough they don’t truly understand what they are asking for.  You see, in truth is freedom and freedom exists in the gap; in the space between thoughts.  This is what I refer to as being in the now.  So really they say the answer without knowing what the answer is.  They state the need without truly understanding what the need is.  We don’t need distance.  We need existence.  All that is real exists in the now.


Where are we right now?  The truth is we can be where ever we want to be.  It’s our choice to stay or to go.  We hold the key to our experience.  Cultivating the love within will bring about the love without.

Image and Imagination

Image and Imagination

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Genesis 1:27 (King James Version)

Today I spent a record time in meditation.  As I returned from the magical place of Being I was inspired to reflect on the story of the beginning; the genesis of All and One.  It seemed so simple and clear; an answer to a contradiction that has been suspended in the back of my mind for quite some time.

As I started the day I began to be prompted by many external sources; to once again contemplate the meaning of what has been handed down mouth to ear for many generations.  It is a story that has been told time and again.  It was written and rewritten from the stories of visitors who traveled from village to village over the course of over three thousand years.

This late morning I happened to turn on a Christian network and began to listen to a pastor speak on the biblical story of creation.  The emphasis was on the fact that God had created men and woman in His image.  Here I began to understand that since God is neither man nor woman this could hardly be the case at all.  Especially as I am most aware that God is Spirit without a body.  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4:24 (King James Version)

If this is the case there can really be only one viable conclusion.  Believing that there exists one Great Spirit that is the creator of all things; a Divine source of insurmountable infinite energy capable of countless transformations is a prerequisite to Truth.  It Is with All through All and One with All that Is All.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. Genesis 2:7 (King James Version) Here is the moment where the body of man was created setting the stage for the creation of woman which would follow.  From the rib or curve of Adam came the body of Eve.  How much time has passed since Genesis 1:27?  It could be days or years, yet the time is not really important as long as we realize it was after.

What is important is that we are our souls and our spirits created in the image of the Source of All and One.  So what if image meant something more powerful than our perceptions?  What if it had an additional meaning?  So God created man in his own imagination, in the image (likeness of soul and spirit) of God created he him; male and female created he them.  The power is in our thoughts. Our blessings are in our imaginations.  The Source of All resides in One and All and the power of creation has been given to us by the creator.

In this is sublime knowledge.  We are all connected; a network of incredible power that is without limits except for one.  The limit is only in what we think is impossible.  As we see It so shall It Be.  This is the greatest Gift.  Step 1 is to imagine.

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