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Image and Imagination

Image and Imagination

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Genesis 1:27 (King James Version)

Today I spent a record time in meditation.  As I returned from the magical place of Being I was inspired to reflect on the story of the beginning; the genesis of All and One.  It seemed so simple and clear; an answer to a contradiction that has been suspended in the back of my mind for quite some time.

As I started the day I began to be prompted by many external sources; to once again contemplate the meaning of what has been handed down mouth to ear for many generations.  It is a story that has been told time and again.  It was written and rewritten from the stories of visitors who traveled from village to village over the course of over three thousand years.

This late morning I happened to turn on a Christian network and began to listen to a pastor speak on the biblical story of creation.  The emphasis was on the fact that God had created men and woman in His image.  Here I began to understand that since God is neither man nor woman this could hardly be the case at all.  Especially as I am most aware that God is Spirit without a body.  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4:24 (King James Version)

If this is the case there can really be only one viable conclusion.  Believing that there exists one Great Spirit that is the creator of all things; a Divine source of insurmountable infinite energy capable of countless transformations is a prerequisite to Truth.  It Is with All through All and One with All that Is All.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. Genesis 2:7 (King James Version) Here is the moment where the body of man was created setting the stage for the creation of woman which would follow.  From the rib or curve of Adam came the body of Eve.  How much time has passed since Genesis 1:27?  It could be days or years, yet the time is not really important as long as we realize it was after.

What is important is that we are our souls and our spirits created in the image of the Source of All and One.  So what if image meant something more powerful than our perceptions?  What if it had an additional meaning?  So God created man in his own imagination, in the image (likeness of soul and spirit) of God created he him; male and female created he them.  The power is in our thoughts. Our blessings are in our imaginations.  The Source of All resides in One and All and the power of creation has been given to us by the creator.

In this is sublime knowledge.  We are all connected; a network of incredible power that is without limits except for one.  The limit is only in what we think is impossible.  As we see It so shall It Be.  This is the greatest Gift.  Step 1 is to imagine.

Until death do us part?

Until death do us part?


So what is death?  If we are truly on an infinite journey of enlightenment and what we refer to as death is actually just another transformation to everlasting life; what is death referring to?  In this I have to believe that in the promise “Until death do us part” there lies much more than what is obviously heard, seen and felt.


Could it be that the word death in this context is not a physical characteristic of life at all?  Could it be that it has a much higher meaning and encompasses so much more that what we have come to know it to mean?  A meaning revolving around, heart, soul and spirit seems to be the more logical explanation.  In reality we are only body temporally and are soul and spirit infinitely.  Death does exist, but it exists on a multitude of levels and on multiple dimensions.  The death is in the heart of hearts.  It is a consuming coldness or a feeling of being disconnected or a mismatched vibration that exhibits the severance of a connection between souls.  This is much more real than the physical death.


It really signifies the end of a chapter in the book of life.  A new beginning is at hand.


Recently I interpreted this dream that touched on this very reality.


DREAMER: I had a dream that I had a baby which I loved but I hated breast feeding to the point where I kept having angry outbursts.


INTERPRETOR: You are starting something new. Entering into this newness will take a lot from you at first. In fact it will be much more than you are prepared to give. It will be frustrating for a time, but you will move through this and shortly realize the joy and abundance that comes from this next life chapter.


DREAMER: That was so accurate! My roommate is moving away in two weeks and just told me last night which means I’m moving to! But, I just don’t know where yet.


I believe in this interpretation was a message intended for me too.  Often that is how Spirit works to guide us and teach us.  We are reflections of each other.  This dream reflected back to me in a different area of my life, but the message was still the same.


In regards to the experience, perhaps we are feeling the emotions associated with what we have come to associate with death or loss.  Then again maybe we’re not.  It could be that we are in the midst of death and poised for expansion.  It is as if we refuse to end the grieving by ignoring the loss and pretending it has not happened, yet it has.  Thus we forfeit what is next and put off what should be.  What is next?  It is the turning of the last blank page in a chapter that is complete.  There is no more to be read than what has been written.  In stalling we reject any thoughts of moving forward in the direction of our goals and dreams.


It’s a little sad and can be somewhat complicated, frightening and unsettling; the turmoil, the stories, but they all will eventually vanish like flatulence in the wind.  Soon it is all just a brief memory in our timeless never-ending journey.


Whether it be a romance, career or friendship; there was a purpose in all.  Perhaps a purpose past, but still a purpose just the same.  After all, we are a purposeful life.  Unless we choose to remain in death we will surely realize our potential for Being.

Intuition or Manifestation

Intuition or Manifestation


I began to wonder recently if it is our intuition that is giving us the feeling that something may or may not happen or if there is something more at play here.  Perhaps the feelings and emotions we are associating with intuition are nothing more than the culmination of our positive or negative emotions.  Could it be that what we refer to as intuition could actually be in some cases our feelings and emotions sending out a powerful vibration from our heart?


After all, when we feel something strongly in our heart we send out a powerful signal that pushes forward a rift of energy that quickly attracts the things of like vibration.  Could our adamant believing be manifesting our heartfelt emotions?  The more I think about it the more probable my hypothesis becomes.


I recently had an experience with the owner of one of our affiliate networks.  He had sent me an email in December asking me if the payment due for the next quarter would be received by the January 5th due date.  I never considered that it wouldn’t up until then.  I attempted to curb my concentration away from the possibility of not having that payment.  A few days later; well before the due date I received a similar inquiry.  At that point I decided to put the money aside and again attempted to focus on abundance rather than lack in this situation.  This line of thinking would become increasingly more difficult as the question was asked a third time days before the due date.  As I struggled to affirm that the money was already there something odd happened only hours before the 5th and what would have been the transfer of those funds.  An emergency situation revolving around some repairs and renovations that needed to be done had materialized.  The money I had put aside had to be used.  The payment for the next quarter of airtime would not be made.


I really started to examine this scenario.  It seemed that he had created fear in me and diverted the focus to the possibility of not having the money by the due date.  Even with the money at hand I began to seriously consider that I would not have the money by the due date.  It set the stage for me to manifest lack and not enough to pay.


In reality what he thought was his intuition was emotions manifesting his own fears.  His concentration was on the money not being received by the 5th.  He felt it in his heart and associated it with his intuition.   In this he will verify that his intuition was right and continue to create the things he attributes to intuition.  Fear of not having enough called back to him not enough.  A perfect example of the law of attraction manifesting what we do not want.


Don’t get me wrong.  I do believe that we have an intuitive sense, but this is not available when we are consumed with fear based emotions.  We can intuitively sense something not being right, perceive danger or anticipate a number of both positive and negative scenarios, but in most cases there is immediacy in the coming circumstance.  In other words, we are very close to being in a specific instance in time where these things are about to play out.  Intuition is not intuition weeks, months or years in advance.  It only applies to and has value in a close proximity to a decision of some kind being made.

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