Medium Sherry Hopson March 2nd 11am EST 424-757-1425 Free Readings

Medium Sherry Hopson

11am Medium Sherry Hopson Are you seeking guidance and clarity in your life? Internationally known Psychic Medium Sherry Hopson can guide you to a brighter future. Access your Akashic records revealing soul patterns that will help enable you to change your life, Or connect to your angelic guidance, spirit guides or those who have crossed over. Schedule your private session today at 760-521-2027 or at

and receive a free copy of “Being” by Ron Ash

Being with Ron Ash with Christine Agro November 23rd 10pm ET Call Live 424-757-1425 for Answers

10pm Christine Agro

Christine Agro is an internationally recognized Clairvoyant, Inspirational Teacher and Metaphysical Expert and also has  degrees in Naturopathy and Western Herbs from The School of Natural Medicine.

Whether in one-on-one sessions, in courses and workshops or speaking for your group, Christine is a master of triggering ‘aha’ moments for people through the clarity of her insight. Praised by grateful women, parents, animal guardians and celebrity clients across the globe for her intuitive and extraordinary gifts as a healer, she has been hailed as “magical”, “transformational” and “inspiring.”

Christine has been featured in The New York Times, on AOL Paw Nation, dubbed NYC’s best dog psychic by and a gift to moms by She has been interviewed on radio shows around the world, quoted in health and consumer magazines and e-zines nationwide.

Christine is the founder of Fully Empowered  and at , you will find both individual and group ways to support you in becoming Fully Empowered.

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Debbie Smith November 14th 11am EST Call Live 424-757-1425 for Free Readings

Debbie has been studying the spiritual side of life for over three decades. She was never comfortable with the idea of sin, hell, or a God that punishes.

She has a Masters degree in Parapsychic Science from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

Debbie is an internationally known psychic with clients in Japan, Ghana, Canada, England and Iraq as well as across the United States.

Debbie is known for her compassion, sense of humor and love of people. Please feel free to contact her!

Apostle Ron Ash D.D., I.L.C Intuitive Life Counselor

Ron is an Intuitive Life Counselor, Author and Teacher of Universal Law. He is a gifted clairvoyant, empathic as well as a telepathic and as such has the wonderful ability to identify the root of many issues, access problems and formulate an effective approach and resolution.

Messages with Medium Maureen Hancock November 3rd 11am EST Call Live 424-757-1425 for Free Readings

Medium Maureen Hancock

Maureen Hancock is a nationally renowned spirit medium, teacher, lecturer, holistic healer, and author of the book, The Medium Next Door ~ Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer. She is the star of the new Style network documentary, “Psychic in Suburbia.” Style along with ABC Media Productions, and the producers of the Ghost Whisperer (Sander/Moses Productions and Slam Internet Co.) are bringing forth this inspirational, “out of this world” Style exposed special presentation. Maureen is co-founder of the non-profit organization, Mission for the Missing, providing assistance and equipment in missing children and adult cases. Maureen is an associate member of the Licensed Private Detective Association of Massachusetts. She has been featured in numerous articles and can be heard on radio stations around the country. Additionally, Maureen has appeared in the nationally syndicated Fox talk show, Wedlock or Deadlock. Maureen resides in a small town south of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband, two children and chocolate lab, Ally.
For further information about Maureen, her appearance calendar, or to subscribe to her free e-mail newsletter, For more information on Maureen’s non-profit visit,

Sunita Sookdeo and Psychic Astrologer Holly Hall October 26th 10am Call Live 424-757-1425 for Answers

Sunita Sookdeo

10am Sunita Sookdeo Sunita Sookdeo has studied a wide range of ancient texts and is continuously learning how to apply them in our dailly lives.

Psychic Astrologer Holly Hall

11:05am Astrologer Holly Hall As a 3rd generation psychic,Holly Hall uses Dreams and Astrology to tap into my clients “spirit destiny.” Each of us has an inherent challenge to face, as well as fortune and strengths. Astrology could be just the nudge you need to get you moving down that path toward personal evolution.We have free use of the energy around us, and each of us resonates differently with this energy at different times. You will find that Astrological council can guide you so that you can take full advantage of your energy field

Nancy du Tertre Author of “Psychic Intuition” October 25th 10am EST

Nancy is a trained psychic and spiritual medium – she wasn’t born that way (and if she was, she doesn’t remember)!  She believes we all have the capability of tuning in to the supernatural once we “unlearn” our logical processes and learn to trust the profoundly irrational processes of our mind.  She loves “evidence” of the supernatural or paranormal, but doesn’t get stuck on the concept.  Learning how to trust the information that comes in a non-verbal, disorganized, fragmented fashion is not easy.  You have to trust your insight, otherwise this kind of data is quickly dismissed by the brain.  But you must then try to verify your information.  This means you must exist in the very uncomfortable mental place of being both a believer and a skeptic at the same time!  This process will lead you to the Truth. Nancy spent a lifetime attempting to master this strange balancing act.

      SPIRIT: Her training as a psychic and medium have helped her explore the invisible world of Spirit.
      EMOTION: Her training in Gestalt psychology has helped her understand the irrational world of   human emotions.
     INTELLECT:  Her training as an attorney has made her appreciate the value of logic, reason and evidence.

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