Interview with Michael C. Cooley author of Rock Bottom August 17th 10am est

When Michael Cooley returned to his childhood home in St. Louis, many of his old friends offered him this greeting: ‘Cooley, I thought you were dead.’ And by many accounts, he should have been dead.

Michael Cooley was a member of two dysfunctional families. His mother in St. Louis was an alcoholic. His stepmother and stepbrothers in Gainesville, Texas, abused him relentlessly—both physically and verbally. As a child, Mike bounced from school to school and from city to city. As a teenager, he turned to gangs and drugs for a sense of acceptance. Eventually, he ended up homeless, sleeping on rooftops and in alleys, and living out of his car.

But after living as an abused child, a homeless and drug-addicted teenager, and a completely lost young adult, Mike decided to start over as a different person. Rock Bottom—From the Streets to Success tells Mike’s story from his childhood in the 1960s until today. Mike escapes the darkness of his past and eventually puts his life back together to become a success in business and in his personal life. Follow Mike as he overcomes the hardships of his childhood and shares his experiences in hopes of helping others who may be facing their own challenges.

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