10am Being w/ Ron and Debra 11am Life Coaching w/ Kim Bettie

10am Being with Ron and Debra Join Ron Ash and Debra Robinson as they discuss the various modalities associated with holistic health, wellness and spirituality

11am World News A brief look at the current events effecting our world

11:05am Life Coaching with Kim Bettie Kin Bettie is in the business of encouragement.  She wrote the book on helping people create the change necessary to accomplish greatness in their lives – literally.  Kim has a passion for helping people achieve and a proven track record of success.  She is the CEO of a life coaching company, The Greater Advantage.  Her signature approach has been developed over the course of two decades in the field of personal and professional development.

Kim has coached people from all walks of life from teens in public schools to men and women transitioning from prison to work.  Among her many accomplishments, she helped Mayor Dave Bing and his executive team lead change as part of the City of Detroit’s 2009 Crisis Turnaround Team.  Her work is highly regarded as an executive coach and trainer for companies like General Motors, Steel Case, GlobalHue, Kmart, Bally’s Fitness, TRW and RL Polk. Kim says she has learned, “Very few are ready to change and most need a little push.”  Kim has created dynamic programs and initiatives that empower people, corporations and communities to find the motivation to change.

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