The String of the Way

The String of the Way

The more connected we are the more apparent the signs will be. As we move along confidently without reservation amazing blessing will come into our lives in all ways. All things are a means to many things.

Opportunities of all kinds will cross our paths. The right people will come into our lives. All that is seen, felt and experienced will have purpose and contribute to the facilitation of our journey home.

It all comes down to a single Purpose. We are being guided to the places we need to be. A string of seemingly unrelated events is continually bringing us closer to the things we have dreamed.

What is required of us to maintain our momentum? Is it more than a willingness to proceed in our quest for discovery? Will we be up to the challenges ahead? The challenge is truly against the Ego and only by Love can the Soul prevail.

There are no limits but the ones we perceive. This is all of a dream and illusion. We must release ourselves from this and allow the blessings to flow through Us. Trust in the Truth in All and believe in the Purpose in all things.

The Truth is in our heart. The Ego lies to us and attempts to keep us from Promise. Ask, “Is the answer from a point of unconditional love?” If the answer is yes; the Christ in All speaks Truth.

Remember, forgive and send love to All. We are All and One.

This is Truth we speak, but also in Truth the forgiveness will be for our benefit. See them with Heart, experience their Soul and feel their Being while saying with all that I Am. “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” There is a reason for what we must now do and we thank you for your honesty and integrity in reaching the difficult decision we have made. Thank you.”

We will experience great things from Spirit. Then we will teach All the Way exhibited through our experience. In All they shall see Truth.

Be love and attract love.

Ash salam, salam alei

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